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Imagine funk-grass, gypsy soaked and happily drenched in groove. An irresistibly dance-heavy pace, stampeding through genre-blending journeys that resolve into timeless melodies. This is why The Moves Collective is turning heads in the USA with their performances. This band has become a live staple in the Golden State, dropping a myriad of musical worlds on-stage, dedicated to keeping you Movin’ & Groovin’!

The Moves Collective have proven to turn heads all over the West with their Funk-Grass music, having shared the stage with greats like Leftover Salmon, Hot Buttered Rum, Midnight North, The Dustbowl Revival, Joe Marcinek and Fruition. Recently winning ‘Best Americana’ in the 2017 San Diego Music Awards, the group just joined the impressive roster of Ever Upward Entertainment out of Colorado. Between tours this Summer, the band will be working on their third record, expected to be released this Fall.

A vision that has humbly been funded through crowd-sourced backers, The Moves’ music weaves tales of love, endurance and growth, merging them with manifested vision; crafting a beautifully conscious piece of living art told through original compositions and improvised jams.

‘Two Miles High’ is the 2016 release from The Moves Collective, produced by Grammy Award Winner, Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Studios in San Diego, California . Having worked with groups like The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Rusted Root and Elton John, Sanderson’s contribution in recording this eclectic band yielded a powerful yet rootsy sound that meshed wonderfully, with the tight, crisp and hard hitting production at Pacific Beat Studios.

“At our core, we have a mission to ‘Move in the Moment’ through improvisation, sharing our unique songs, experiences and stories with audiences across the globe. Our intent lies in finding connection with others through the beautiful language of music.” – T. Norton

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The Moves Collective | Hop Valley Brewing Co ~ Eugene, OR Join us for a special Monday night party! [FREE!]


The Moves Collective have proven to turn heads all over the West with their Funk-Grass music, having shared the stage with Leftover Salmon, Fruition, Hot Buttered Rum, Midnight North, The ...
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The Moves Collective is feeling entertained.
Just Announced: Eugene, OR - Oct 30 at Hop Valley Brewing
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Another day, another jam, another lick, another song. Practice time with these guys is like playing on a jungle gym of sound and expression •

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